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We know that the process’s first steps will be challenging for you, so Mary Kay offers a starter kit to customers who sign up for the MaryKayInTouch program to assist them through the process and make it easier.


This price includes the cost of the starter kit, which includes swatches of makeup as well as brochures and informational CDs. In addition, within one month of signing the consulting contract, consultants must place an initial order for products valued at least $200.

Mary Kay is known for its innovative ways of doing business and business strategies. There are Android and iOS mobile apps, so consultants and clients can use them.

MaryKayInTouch Mobile Apps

Mary Kay has three mobile apps on top of the MaryKayInTouch login page. Here’s what you need to know about mobile apps:

Mary Kay Skin Analyzer App: You will better understand your face with the assistance of this app, and your advisor will be able to recommend the most appropriate products. The following are some of the functions that this application offers:

It uses technology that looks at your face to give personalized suggestions for Mary Kay products.
Look at different things about your skin, such as its type, texture, color, etc.
Your independent beauty consultant will make a skincare routine based on the results.

Mary Kay Mirror Me App: With this real-time makeover app, you can make up looks you like. With this augmented reality app, you can try different colors on your face, eyes, and lips from the comfort of your couch or while you’re out and about. Here are the most important things that the app does:

  • The front camera tracks your every move, while the back one lets you put on your eyes, mouth, and nose with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Explore a rainbow of Mary Kay hues and looks, all crafted by a handpicked team of professional makeup artists.
  • Experiment with various makeup looks before scheduling an appointment with a freelance beauty consultant.
  • You can email, text, or save photos of your finished looks and those of global beauty ambassador Luis Casco to share with friends or use as inspiration.
  • You can put your go-to items in your wallet straight from the app while you play.

Mary Kay eCatalog App: You can easily access all of our products through the Mary Kay eCatalog App, and it also allows you to compare product prices to select the Mary Kay product that is ideal for you.

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