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Mary Kay sells cosmetics through a network of consultants who use a tiered marketing platform. You need a recommendation from another Mary Kay Consultant to become one. You must also pay a fee and sign the agreement to be a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

MaryKayInTouch is a website that Mary Kay made for her independent beauty consultants. Mary Kay Inc. is an American cosmetics company privately owned and headquartered in Addison, Texas. The company is best known for its cosmetics and skin care products.

After you finish registering on the MaryKayInTouch login page, Mary Kay will send you your advisor number. Mary Kay keeps track of your sales and identifies you in the Mary Kay system with this advisor number.

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Dial 800-627-9529 to speak with Mary Kay’s Customer Service. Inquire with your company’s customer service representative about your Mary Kay advisor number. To verify her identity, the customer service representative will provide you with a list of specific questions to answer, such as her name, address, and social security number.

MaryKayInTouch Consultant

After confirming her identity, the Customer Service Representative will give her a Mary Kay Advisor Number to use in the Mary Kay system.

Please ensure that you have read the welcome email that was sent to you regarding the Mary Kay Counsellor Programme. Every new Mary Kay Consultant receives a warm welcome email from the company.

At the very top of this email, you will find your Mary Kay counselor number in addition to specific information about the Mary Kay program.

Check out the welcome packet attached to the email inviting you to the Mary Kay Counselling Programme. A letter of welcome is included in this package’s welcome box. At the beginning of this letter, you will find a number corresponding to your advisor.

MaryKayInTouch Contact Details

Please get in touch with the business if you have any further inquiries. You can reach Mary Kay in various ways if you have any questions.

  • Mary Kay Phone Number: 1-800-627-9529
  • Mary Kay Customer Service Address: Mary Kay Inc. P.O. B.P. PO Box 799045, Dallas, Texas 75379-9045
  • Mary Kay International Headquarters Address: 16251 Dallas Parkway, Addison, Texas 75001

Anyone looking for a side hustle or even a new career path will find the Mary Kay program an excellent option. The portal supports multiple languages, making it accessible worldwide. For instance, the portal in the United States supports both English and Spanish.

However, the German language version is exclusive to that country.

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